Dining at The Optimist, Midtown Atlanta
Dining at The Optimist, Midtown Atlanta

Hey y’all! Welcome to Some Kinda Good. I’m an East coast enthusiast from Southeast Georgia and I absolutely adore all things coastal and Southern. I love good food and I was raised in a family who loves to entertain and have a big time–and good food has always been a central part of that.

As you explore my blog, you’ll discover Restaurant Reviews featuring my favorite spots along the Georgia coast and in the Carolina lowcountry, as well as dishes I’ve cooked up in my own kitchen. Baking is another passion of mine, and a good cocktail is always in order.

Me and Paula hanging out in her gift shop in historic Savannah, Georgia.

My greatest inspirations in the kitchen are my Grandma Dot and my Mom, Debbie. I learned a great deal from them growing up as I watched them fill many a table, surrounded by a crowd, with mouth-watering meals. You can learn more about the cooks who inspire me by visiting My Inspiration page.

I welcome your feedback. If you like a certain dish and want the recipe, tell me! I’ll be more than happy to share the link or tell you where I found it. Who knows? It may even be an original. Thank you for checking out my blog. I greatly appreciate you stopping by! Come on back, anytime.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. So enjoyed your program with Chad Thursday night. The recipes were so good. Made the Fried Green Tomato Sliders tonight. Some Kinda Good. You are a real delight. Hope to see you again sometime.


    1. Hi Ms. Fran! Thank you so much for stopping by Some Kinda Good to leave a comment. I am so glad you enjoyed the event! Chad and I both had a great time and were very pleased with the turnout. Glad you made my Fried Green Tomato sliders, they are one of my favorite recipes!!


  2. Well something brought me here. I guess just chance. But you have a cool website, and I love cooking and the South and Georgia too! What’s it like there? I’ve only been to Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York.


    1. Hi Azure! Thank you so much for the compliment on my blog. I’m so glad you found it!

      The South is a place unlike any other. I’ve traveled a good bit–all over the world and within the United States–but I’ve always concluded there’s no place like home. Georgia is home to me. Imagine a place where magnolia trees grace the streets, roadside produce stands greet the locals and experience the best fried chicken and sweet tea you’ve ever tasted! The South is friendly and welcoming and the people genuinely care about you. Football is pretty big here, and good music. If you ever come to visit, I hope you’ll feel like you never want to leave.

      Of the states you mentioned, Florida would be closest to being Southern. Pennsylvania, not so much and definitely not New York…lol! Where are you from? I like your Gravatar…very cool that you play the banjo! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for commenting. Great to connect!


      1. Well I’ve been around. I live in Buffalo NY right now. It is pretty nice, the people are friendly enough, but I don’t like the laws and legal system in this state.

        When I get out of high school, I’ll move somewhere different, probably somewhere that doesn’t get three feet of snow on the ground every winter lol.

        Forgot to mention that I’ve been to Alberta a bit too. I have to say that is really is not a bit like even the North as far as manners go. People get mad about the smallest little infractions. Ugggg. There’s a reason why the U.S is considered so friendly and polite.

        I really love the banjo, I’ve only played it a year but I’ve put more time into it than a lot of people. I’ll tell you if I put some banjo songs on Youtube.

        Keep drinkin’ sweet tea and eatin’ fried chicken. I know you can’t beat Georgia food.

        Talk later,
        Azure James


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