Meet Rebekah

wpid-IMG_20121102_233712.jpgI’m the friend who throws your bridal shower and calls you every year on your birthday to sing a customized Happy Birthday jingle. I’m the daughter who doesn’t miss an opportunity to shop or a chance to pass the time on the front porch with dad. I’m the sister who still tries to give her brother titty-twisters even though we’re adults now. I’m the granddaughter who cherishes family get-togethers around a table full of “cat-head biscuits” and sweet tea and the cousin who will never forget JR’s playhouse in the chicken pen or Cochise Days.


I have the cutest 10-pound Shih Tzu on God’s green earth. He’s got the most personality of any pet I’ve ever owned and his name is Ewok.

One day, I aspire to have my own cooking show or own a bakery, maybe both. When I’m in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, upon that first bite, the phrase “Good LAWD, that’s some kinda good!” always comes out of my mouth—hence the name of my blog.

I’m happiest when I’m near the water. I believe the best things in life are good food, good company, good music and fine wine. I’m a public relations specialist by trade, a southerner by the grace of God and there’s no place I’d rather call home than the beautiful state of Georgia.

Tybee Island, Georgia

8 thoughts on “Meet Rebekah

  1. Nice introduction Rebekah… a bit puzzling for us over-the-ponders… what’s a bridal shower – I’m guessing its some sort of party? And what are Cochise days – I know who he was but…
    I bet you would be a great tv host – love your recipes!


    1. Hi Lois! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Ha, ha! Funny that you mention it…I would actually LOVE to be a TV host. It’s one of my goals. How did you find my blog?

      Yes, bridal showers are parties thrown for the bride-to-be before the wedding day. They are called showers because the bride is “showered” with gifts in celebration of her new married life.

      Thanks for asking…I’m sure the Cochise I’m referring to isn’t the same one you know. It’s kind of an inside joke between my cousin and me. When we were younger, my grandmother would pick us up from school and and go get her hair done every Thursday. While she was at the salon, my cousin and I would walk to McDonald’s. Every Thursday without fail, we would see a man known as Cochise sitting in a booth. He was kind-hearted but unkempt and owned a junk yard in the town where we grew up. He would later marry my aunt. He died a few years ago, but my cousin and I so fondly named those days, “Cochise days” because we’ll never forget the memory.


      1. Wonderful story… you write so well, Rebekah!
        I came across you by serendipity – I was reading someone else’s post and was interested in your comment so had a look… and there you were! I love cooking and food so when I saw you recipes I was hooked!


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