The Hostess City Offers More Than River Street

The Six Pence Pub
Gallery Espresso
Savannah, Georgia

It was 57 degrees on a partly sunny January day in Savannah as I strolled through the brick streets under the live mossy oak and Southern magnolia trees. On the corner of West Perry Street and Bull, we dined outside at The Six Pence Pub where the warmth of french onion soup and a fresh garden salad hit the spot.

Who doesn’t love an old red telephone booth and an Irish pub? The place is just cool.

A perfect lunch indeed. Not too heavy, just right.

Provolone cheese is melted over the top of the broth-based soup. On the inside, you’ll find croutons and caramelized onions.

I love the freshness of green parsley, and the little soup bowl atop the white doily is so quaint.

After shopping in the City Market, we visited Gallery Espresso, just up the block from The Six Pence Pub, for some coffee and one giant peanut butter cookie. I’m convinced that every SCAD student and resident of Savannah had the same idea. There wasn’t a seat available in the entire place.

Now I love a good Starbucks, but there’s something special about getting that cup of Joe from a local establishment. Filled with an eclectic mix of chairs and couches, beverages are served in ceramic coffee mugs. Customers play chess, listen to iPods and surf the net on laptops. Cakes and cookies sit covered on the counter top and the smell of coffee grounds and hot tea fill the room. Stacked newspapers and magazines lie around saying, “read me!”  The atmosphere has a good vibe and I’d go back to experience the oldest coffee house in Savannah again.

Have you been to The Six Pence Pub or Gallery Espresso? Tell me about your favorite, local hot spot.

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6 thoughts on “The Hostess City Offers More Than River Street

  1. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed eating here last week. I ordered the potato soup with 1/2 chicken salad sandwich and my friend had the french onion soup with 1/2 chicken salad sandwich. We both are very particular about chicken salad, and theirs ranked above the best I have eaten! Everything was delicious. Thanks again, for another great referral!


  2. Love your blog. Thanks for finding me today. Looking forward to seeing more. This pub is adorable. I’ve not been to Savannah yet. I’m more of a hotel junkie than a foodie, but I do write about food.


    1. Hi Leigh!! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Glad you like my blog. Loved yours too. I appreciate those kind comments. Come back, anytime!


  3. Since I hi-jacked your topic in the forum, I felt the least I could do was stop my and beat your Mum to commenting!

    Being in Australia, we eat a lot of salads and cold food in summer, as it is now.

    I love your banner shot – the pie looks delicious. I can’t say I’ve been to any Irish pubs lately but I can tell you I hate Starbucks and it was a great day when they closed down most of their shops in Australia. It is NOT coffee! 😆 In fact, I discovered the only way to get marginal coffee anywhere in the USA was to ask for a double!


    1. Ha, ha! No problem. I was happy to receive all the feedback on my forum post. I actually made some of the changes that were suggested and got a lot more traffic to my blog just by posting, so that’s exciting. Thank you for the compliment on my banner shot! That pie recipe is actually taken from an Australian cookbook I purchased from Anthropologie. Check out My Inspriration page to learn more. I think it’s so cool that you’re from Australia! What an awesome place. I hope to visit there someday.


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