Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza at Home

Who doesn’t love homemade pizza? When you make it using a store-bought pizza dough, it’s one of the easiest and most fun ways to enjoy dinner at home with your family. Instead of using a traditional marinara sauce, I used sun-dried tomato pesto for great texture and a rich depth of flavor. These little swaps make all the difference!

A cast iron skillet has so many uses.

My homemade pizza starts with browning ground hot sausage in the skillet with green bell pepper and onion. I season it with Herbs de Provence, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes for extra kick.

For thin crust, use a baking sheet. For a thicker crust, use a 9×13 inch casserole dish.

When I was in high school, I worked at the Great American Cookie Company. It was there I learned how to spread dough by working it with the palm and edge of my hand. See, one does gain valuable skills early on in life! Smooth the pizza dough until it is evenly distributed in the pan. If it tears, simply put it back together and keep smoothing. As Julia Child says, “Who’s to know?” Spread sun-dried tomato pesto over the crust, then sprinkle with your favorite toppings and cheese.

Find Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto on the same grocery store aisle as the pasta sauce and marinara.

I love this stuff!

Lookin’ Some Kinda Good!

I like to use a blend of cheeses + meat and vegetable toppings.

Cheesy goodness!

Use whatever toppings you like. Go crazy! I love pineapple and ham, and my husband Kurt is all about the meat! Try olives and feta for Greek flavors or even buffalo chicken! Kurt and I, have the hardest time deciding on pizza, which is one of the reasons I like to make it at home. You can do half and half and everyone’s happy! This is one pie we both liked.

Ground sausage + Pepperoni gives this pizza a supreme feel!

Bake the pizza until the cheese is golden brown and bubbly, and garnish it with fresh basil. Slice the pizza into large rectangles and enjoy!

Some Kinda Good Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza

  • Store-Bought Pizza Dough in the tube
  • 6 oz. jar of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
  • Pizza toppings of your choice. I used:
    • Pepperoni
    • 1/2 pound of ground hot sausage, cooked and drained
    • 1 small green bell pepper, diced
    • 1/2 sweet onion, diced
  • 1 cup or more of Mexican cheese blend, shredded
  • Fresh basil for garnish

Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees. On a baking sheet, spread pizza dough evenly. Top the dough with the entire jar of Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto. Add toppings, cover with cheese. Bake for 11 minutes or until cheese is golden brown and bubbly. Garnish with fresh basil, then slice into eight large rectangle slices.

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Georgia native Rebekah Faulk Lingenfelser is a freelance writer, entertainer and food enthusiast who writes and speaks about her love of good food and the Coastal South. Watch her compete on Food Network Star this summer, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Rebekah is the longtime Statesboro Herald food columnist and host of SKG-TV on YouTube.  A Georgia Southern University alumna, she also attended Savannah Technical College’s Culinary Institute of Savannah. To learn more, connect with Some Kinda Good on social media, or visit



2 thoughts on “Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pizza at Home

  1. Bek, that pizza looks delicious. I am going to look for the pesto sauce when I go to the grocery store. I already have some bread dough (pizza dough) in the freezer. I will thaw that and use it as my base for the pizza ! Yum. You already know your dad will want pepperoni, but I think I will just go with the cheese and bell peppers.


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