Baked Bay Scallops with Breadcrumbs

Baked Bay Scallops with Breadcrumbs is Some Kinda Good served over hot cooked grits.

Living on the Georgia coast, I’ve eaten my fair share of seafood. In fact, in my house, we eat
mostly seafood and a good bit of chicken for its affordability and access. Weeknight dinners are
often made with shrimp and pasta, or pan-seared white fish with sautéed vegetables, such as
squash and zucchini. Not only is seafood delicious, but it’s so quick to cook and good for you.
Not too heavy and just right for springtime.

This recipe is easy as it comes together in one 9 x 13 dish, butter, lemon juice, breadcrumbs and all.

I’ve recently started buying and cooking more with scallops too, and the other evening I made
one dish that keeps calling my name: Baked Bay Scallops with Breadcrumbs. The dish is so
easy because it all comes together in a 9 x 13 casserole dish. There’s no standing over the
stove and waiting – you pop it in the oven and set the timer, and you’re free to get other things
done while dinner cooks.

When it comes to scallops, there are sea scallops and bay scallops. Size is the most obvious
difference when distinguishing the two; sea scallops are much larger than bay scallops – nearly
three times the size. Bay scallops are sweeter, more tender, and typically used in seafood stews
and casseroles. They’re only found on the east coast in bays and harbors.

When you can’t find fresh scallops, look for good quality frozen brands. The key is to make sure
you pat them dry once thawed, to ensure they get a nice golden brown sear and so they are not
watery when baked. Scallops are a rich and hearty meal that you don’t have to enhance too
much to enjoy. They feel luxurious and make an impressive presentation on the plate.

In my recipe, the scallops cook in a nice lemon butter sauce, and are finished with fresh parsley
from the garden. The “breadcrumbs” are made from one of my favorite snack crackers – Italian
Herb crisps and mixed with melted butter. I serve the scallops over hot cooked grits, alongside
some in-season asparagus and cherry tomatoes for a pop of color. The asparagus roasts right
alongside the scallops in the oven and the supper sides are ready at the same time. This meal
is the very definition of Some Kinda Good. I hope you enjoy! For more recipes like this one, pick
up a copy of my best-selling memoir with recipes, available wherever books are sold.

Baked Bay Scallops with Breadcrumbs

● Bay Scallops, patted dry, 1 pound
● Juice of half a lemon
● 1 stick unsalted butter, divided
● Salt and Pepper to taste
● 1 Cup Italian Herb Crackers, such as Townhouse Flatbread Crisps
● 1-2 tablespoons Olive oil
● Fresh parsley, chopped

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Grease a 9 x 13 casserole dish with butter cooking spray. Pat the scallops dry with paper towels. Place the scallops in the casserole dish and season well on each side with salt and pepper. Squeeze half of the lemon juice over the top of the scallops evenly to coat.

In a food processor or blender, pulse the crackers with ¼ cup of melted butter, until they are a
fine breadcrumb consistency. Pour the breadcrumbs evenly over the scallops. Dice four tablespoons of butter and dot the scallops with the butter.

Drizzle the scallops and breadcrumbs with olive oil before placing in the oven. Cook for 20 minutes until breadcrumbs begin to brown. Let cool slightly and top with fresh parsley. To serve with grits, cook grits separately (according to package directions), using beef broth in place of water. Plate by spooning the grits onto a plate, and top with four scallops. Squeeze a splash of fresh lemon juice over the top just before serving.

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