An Evening at The Olde Pink House Featuring Tequila Herradura

Tequila Herradura Silver, Ultra and Double Barrel.

I received an exciting invitation this week to attend a tequila tasting and exquisite dinner in the Grand Ballroom of The Olde Pink House, nestled in the heart of Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District. Who could say no to that? You had me at tequila! I learned so much about Casa Herradura Tequila, from its history to its sustainable and natural production process and had the opportunity to meet Global Brand Ambassador Ruben Aceves.

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That Awkward Moment When Someone Labels Me a “Food Critic”

It happens all too often, and most assuredly slips off the tongues of the most well meaning people. A common misconception, an innocent remark on the road to Hell paved with good intentions. In the awkward and embarrassing seconds that follow, the damage has already been done; the label already applied. It’s that first impression introduction where a good friend is excited to show me off, to brag a little about my success–and it’s almost always in front of someone whose slaved away in the food industry. It goes something like this:

The person introducing me to {Insert stranger}: “Hey, so-in-so! I want you to meet my friend Rebekah. She’s a food critic.”

Screeeeeechhhhhhh. First impression fail. Stop right there. Back that train up. Let’s rewind and reboot. No. No. No. Can anybody say awkward?

It’s happened upon meeting the restaurant owner on my first visit to a new eatery. It’s happened while shopping at my local farmers’ market on Saturday morning. It happens commonly at work functions and social events. And I get it. I really do.

People think it’s cool and different that I write about food. They love revealing the fun fact that my blog is one of Urbanspoon’s top Georgia food blogs and that I was a contestant on Season 2 of ABC’s “The Taste.” Some like to share about my writings as the former Statesboro Herald Food Columnist or that my Grilled Georgia Peach Recipe wound up on The Dr. Oz Show. While I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and support, there’s absolutely nothing worse than being labeled a “critic” of any kind, much less of something I dearly love and respect, and more importantly that utterly contradicts the very nature of my personality. Ask any one of my best friends and they would tell you that I would find the bright side of the situation even if my life mirrored The Book of Job (okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the point).

I created Some Kinda GOOD, and I emphasize the GOOD, because my mission has always been to bring positive attention to the chefs and restaurant owners out there doing amazing things. Whether it be a mind blowing dish or a super passionate cook, I love sharing great food discoveries and cool places with others. In the more than three years that Some Kinda Good has been in existence, you won’t find a negative restaurant review on my blog because honestly, I have much better things to do with my time. Who am I to criticize the creation of someone else’s dish, when Lord knows I’ve butchered too many a meal to count. Furthermore, I can’t conceive of a more arrogant attitude than to think I would go out to eat with the intention of judging every morsel of a dining experience. I actually enjoy eating, and don’t get my kicks by broadcasting negative opinions about other folks who’re just trying to make an honest living. That’s simply Some Kinda Bad.

If you’ve seen the fantastic movie “Chef” starring Robert Downey Jr., and Scarlett Johansson, you’ll remember this scene where a famous and influential food critic visits a restaurant for the second time after writing a terrible review. The head chef confronts him face-to-face in the public dining area and completely loses it. This scene captures every single reason why I never want to be THIS GUY.


So, if we’re ever out in public together and you’d like to introduce me to someone, do me a huge favor and please consider this: “Hey so-in-so!! Meet my friend Rebekah. She’s a food enthusiast.

It’s way more accurate, lacks the negative connotation and doesn’t make me want to crawl under the table. Thanks for that.